Monday, June 18, 2007

Is Lindsay Lohan Self Destructing?

Will Lindsay Lohan, star of 2004’s “Mean Girls,” in which she was portrayed as a mean, vengeful high school student, be the next young Hollywood star to self-destruct?

Her former bodyguard has written a “tell all” book about Lindsay’s bouts with drugs and lesbian relationships. The book reportedly details Lindsay’s downward path toward self-destruction through drug and alcohol abuse. Needless to say Lindsay is not too excited to see this foray into her private life hit the newsstands.

So what did she do about it?

It’s being reported that she posted bodyguard Lee Weaver's cell phone number on her MySpace page and urged her followers to bombard him with abusive phone calls.

Now, that is an intelligent and mature response. Does anyone other than myself have the feeling that ol’ Lindsay may be mentally stuck in high school.

Those in the know hint that Lindsay has a lot of behavior issues to hide and that this “tell all” book will only be a continuation of what already appears to be a rapidly downward spiral of an alleged alcoholic and drug abusing personality.

The Indianapolis Star has reported that Britney Spears’ website is joking about naming Britney’s newest album “OMG Is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like.”

It is also being reported this week that Lindsay is also being sued for $200,000 over a 2005 car crash in which she reportedly slammed her Mercedes into a van. The lawsuit claims that Lindsay was drunk at the time, however, Lindsay was 19 at the time of the accident. is reporting that fashion house Jill Stuart is dropping Lindsay to rep its product line because of her recent front page photo in which she allegedly was deeply under the influence.

And she is also currently being treated at Malibu’s Promises clinic for substance abuse.

Yet Lindsay is still under 21 years of age. What could she possibly do to top any of this when she celebrates her 21st birthday?

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