Monday, May 10, 2010

More About The Worm Song

About three years ago I posted what I thought was a cute poem entitled, "The Worm Song." I had stumbled upon the poem while reading tidbits about The Prairie Home Companion, the remarkable Garrison Keillor radio program.

I soon learned that the poem was actually a song that many folks had sung when they were kids. They sang it at campfires, at parties or wherever kids sang songs.

Many blog visitors inquired where they could get the music to go along with the poem. I am happy to report that I finally stumbled upon the music that goes with the poem.

The song is performed by the Twin Sisters, who also perform many other children's songs. As near as I can tell, the Twin Sisters no longer offer the album "The Worm Song" appeared on. However, the Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa are still selling it and 101 other camp songs in one single album for $12.99.

For those who merely want to sample the music, just stop by here at McCafferty's Pub and listen any time.

Twin Sisters Productions - The Worm Song .mp3

Here are the lyrics:

The earth was wet with the dew of the dawn
As the worm scented air swept over the lawn
A big fat worm came out of the ground
To see the world and to look around.

And as he gazed at the azure sky
Another little worm came up nearby
Said he, with a wiggle, “You’re a cute little worm,
Let’s you and I go out for a squirm
I could easily fall in love with you
If you’ll condescend to a rendezvous.”

But the cute little worm just shook its head
And to the big fat worm it said,
“No rendezvous between us two
Because I’m the other end of you.”

Personally, I prefer it as a poem, myself. The original post of "The Worm Song" is here.

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Connie said...

That's cute, McCaffety. I've never heard that before. I think I like it better as a poem too.

McCafferty Himself said...

Hey Daisy. Boy you are certainly quick to stop by when something is posted. Yes, "The Worm Song" appears to have been written as a poem first and the music added later because the music is amateurish compared to the poem. I guess that is what we get for free children's songs.

Robin(Bigsis) said...

I was searching for this poem! A 93 year old patient recited the poem to me word for word a few weeks ago....made me smile :)