Sunday, December 28, 2008

More Japanese Game Show Humor - Video

It has been a long time between Japanese game show posts, so it is back to the Orient we travel to see what is happening with Japan's clever game show industry. In our first vid our heroes take advantage of age enhancing makeup to make them look like old men, which, of course, will excuse some behavior that we might not otherwise tolerate from a younger person.

The first video is my favorite, and in it these clever characters pull some pretty funny shenanigans. Have a look:


The second video is another Japanese game show vid that is just total silliness. The object is for the contestants to catch the marshmallow in their mouths, but they are restrained by a large rubber band held over their faces.

Let's take a look:


Funny Japanese Massage Chair
Funny Japanese Massage Chair - Video

Monkey See Monkey Do Too
Monkey See - Monkey Do Too - Video

Japanese Bikini Car Wash
Japanese Bikini Car Wash - Video

Japanese Outhouse Prank
Japanese Outhouse Prank

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Connie said...

HA HA HA! Those Japanese game shows have some of the wackiest things on them. I have to wonder who sits around and thinks these things up. Funny post, McCafferty! Hope you had a nice Christmas. :D

McCafferty Himself said...

And a belated X-mas to you too Daisy. Seems like I have been behind with everything this holiday season. I personally really love the first vid where the actors pretend to be old folks. Some of the reactions they get are priceless.