Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Funny News Reporter Bloopers - Videos

I enjoyed doing the last post about reporter bloopers so much that I decided to add more. Our first video exhibits a couple of blooper stories back to back.

In the first scene a British reporter is describing how soldiers have confiscated cocoa leaves, which are used to produce cocaine, and marijuana plants and are now burning the confiscated goods in the background. The reporter gets a little too close to the enticing aroma of the burning drugs that is wafting his way, and you can pretty much guess the rest.

In the second scene, a reporter, who is obviously a rookie around horses goes where no one, man or woman, should ever go. I cannot imagine why she went there, but we're glad she did because the result is a remarkable sight to behold.

Well, that first reporter finished up feeling no pain whatsoever. Did you notice how quickly his personality transformed from the typical British straight laced fellow to a guy with an easy going devil may care attitude?

And what can you say about that second reporter. Rookie! Rookie! Rookie!? Years from now when that reporter passes away, at her funeral the family will probably remember how she was immortalized on the Internet at the business end of a horse.

I don't mean to be picky, but I would prefer immortality be conferred upon me in a somewhat tidier fashion, thank you.

Horse "manure" can be some pretty smelly stuff. How many times do you think that young lady had to shampoo her hair to rid herself of her newly acquired equestrian aroma?


In the second video, our friendly reporter, Barney, is doing a short human interest story on a young lad who builds model buildings with wooden blocks. Now ask yourself, "How could Barney possibly get into any trouble from such a generic story?" Ah! How indeed!

In the second scene, we have Chuck Storm, a type "A" reporter if ever there was one. Chuck is a hard charger who is out to get that story no matter what gets in his way. Well, something manages to slow Chuck down a bit despite his aggressive attitude. Have a look:

Hopefully Barney, the first reporter in this video, does not have any delusions that one of the major networks will catch a glimpse of his talent and whisk him away to the glory and greatness of the networks. Cause, Barney, that just ain't gonna happen!

It is somewhat surprising that Brian, the young model builder, restrained the impulse to punch old Barney for ineptly destroying his creation.

Perhaps Chuck Storm, the second reporter, will slow down just enough to clear up those terrible headaches he must get from bumping into signs and things. That one really had to hurt!

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Connie said...

Oh my gosh! I'm cracking up here. These folks just aren't real good about thinking ahead and watching out for possible consequences are they?! The woman and the horse was incredible---what was she thinking? What a riot! :D

Anonymous said...

I think you have out done yourself, in my younger days I might have wanted to be the reporter on the field of BURNING drugs(I said might), and it is very obviuos the woman with the horse was naturally a BLOND. The reporter with the blocks is probably in a wheel chair and eating thru a straw these days! VERY VERY funny sir. Thanks for sharing.