Saturday, December 29, 2007

Blonde Video Humor: Those Blondes Are at it Again

We have three blonde jokes today in the form of three videos. It should be noted that no blondes were harmed or severely injured during the making of these videos, even the blonde waitress. However, the blonde in the first video was severely embarrassed.

Our first video is at the Miss Universe pageant. Imagine: you have been through so many beauty pageants that you feel like an old hand at it even though you are still not much older than a kid. You finally make it to the Miss Universe pageant for your real shot at the big time. You walk down the runway smiling and feeling confident, when suddenly...

Our second video shows a blonde waitress cleaning up a bar after hours, something that happens every night in bars all over the globe. This time, however, things went a little differently.

Our final video is just pure blonde in action. Watch:

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