Saturday, October 13, 2007

Britney Spears Caught Pantyless Again October 2007

Well, believe it or don't, Britney Spears has been caught pantyless again by the paparazzi. Here are a couple of photos of Britney exiting her car and, at the same time, exposing her virginia for all to see.

This is at least the third time this year that she has been caught bottomless by the paparazzi. It is one thing for celebrity singers to pose nude for magazine layouts, but to be so frequently photographed with the family jewels on display out in public for anyone to see is unusual even for Britney.

Of course, the issue would be easily solved by Britney wearing panties. That way, the paparazzi would only be getting photos of Britney's underwear. But perhaps Britney has a need for the freedom that a bottomless lifestyle provides.

Since she continues to get caught au naturel, it would appear either that 1) she does not care, 2) she wants to photographed exposed, or 3) she is not bright enough to do what is necessary to keep from being caught pantyless.

It is also possible that her judgment is impaired from drug use or some mental disorder.

Her inability to rectify the situation has left her open to some of the worst ridicule. In fact, the patrons here at McCafferty's Pub are no strangers to dishing out some razzing themselves. But Britney's failure to adjust her bottomless lifestyle has made Britney, herself, her own worst enemy.

The common perception among the public is that drug impairment is the root of this evil, but it is hard to believe that Britney is high all of the time and still be able to function in society.

Could it be that Britney does not have the mental capacity to deal with this issue? Maybe she simply is not bright enough to handle the demands of being a celebrity?

So which is it Britney? Are you a Druggie or a dummy?

Something tells me she is not going to volunteer the answer.

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