Sunday, September 23, 2007

Road Sign Bloopers

Ah, the road sign is an integral part of automotive society. It is generally taken for granted and is usually not the subject of further study--unless, of course, it contains a glaring error. In which case, we all will take enormous delight in wallowing amongst the verbal sludge cast about during the ensuing debate over the merits of our highways' road sign etiquette.

You may have to study these examples somewhat to notice the error of the sign maker's ways. But that merely adds to your pleasure once you discover the gaffe.

Encountering such mistakes is quite rare in this age of digital signage because the sign makers make far fewer errors thanks to their spell checking software.

Perhaps the second sign really has no error but is correctly directing the motorist to the location of the "Keap." If you want to go to the "Keap," turn right.

My guess is that you really cannot get there from here anyway. But the more nagging question is, do you really want to get there?

We will have to leave that debate to a different posting and limit our concern to the more political issue of: if you acquiesce to the sign's command and do keep right, does that brand you as a right wing conservative, or merely label you as prudent? And, is there a difference between the two?

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Anonymous said...

AS a left wing liberal, I resent the implication that conservatism is synonymous with prudence.

One can be liberal and prudent.