Saturday, August 18, 2007

Britney Spears - Mother of the Year?

Is it really possible that Britney Spears could be named Mother-of-the-Year? Stranger things have happened, but the smart money is not on ole Brit' to win this one.

It is far more likely that even Ms. Spears would see this for what it truly is--a nightmare.

Speaking of nightmares, have you heard one of the latest rumors about Britney? It is being reported all over the 'net that Britney and her assistant, Shannon Funk, were caught kissing in the swimming pool together and Britney was topless.

OK! magazine just published a photo that is supposedly the smoking gun. The photo shows Britney kissing Shannon on the cheek and groping Shannon's breast.

Because of that, OK! is labeling Britney both a lesbian and bisexual.

Britney and Shannon are both denying there is any truth to the labels, but this type of publicity only strengthens Kevin Federline's attempt to win custody of their two children, Sean and Jayden.

It appears that Britney needs attention so badly that she will do anything to get it, including sabotaging the custody battle for her sons.

Aah, Britney--poor girl.

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Anonymous said...

I like the first one. :)

I am 100% convinced that Brit and Lohan are in some kind of contest of one-upping each other.

The winner, I guess is the one that ends up dead.

McCafferty Himself said...

Chris, I think you should add Ol' Paris to your list. It definitely seems to be a three-way race to see which one can self-destruct the fastest.

But Paris is losing badly. She hasn't been in the news for almost a month.