Saturday, June 7, 2008

Berserk Worker Destroys Office - 2 Videos

It seems like just another day at the office until something sets one guy off and he begins his meltdown. He suddenly begins to throw things and hit people. He tosses one computer monitor into one female worker, knocking her to the floor, and she is obviously hurt.

Then it appears that he is starting to settle down, and he even begins picking up the papers he threw. But another worker says something to him, and he is off again. You can tell it will eventually take more than words to calm this fellow down. He is going insane right before your eyes.

Both videos are about the same incident. The first video is in black and white with no sound, while the second video was filmed by another worker in the office on his or her cell phone. That video is from a different angle and has more distortion, but it also has sound, which adds a lot of drama to the crazy mix.

Watch the second video toward the end when the security guard and the second office worker pull the misbehaving employee to the floor. The guard pulls some type of weapon from his pocket and uses it on the berserk man, and it shuts him down right away. A news report stated that it was a taser, but he didn't react like other people I have seen hit with a taser. It almost appeared that the guard knifed him.

But, maybe that's just me. I am probably imagining things.

Another remarkable sound effect in the second video is the woman who keeps screaming loudly. She will let out one large whoop after another. You couldn't make a movie any better. In fact that is why some have said that the video is a fake and that these are all actors.

But I seriously doubt that because the scene is done in one long take unlike the way a movie is done. You could not get actors to get it all together in one long scene like that.

All in all I found it very entertaining. The language spoken sounds like Russian, which makes sense because there are a lot of Russian videos on YouTube of workers going ballistic. Why is a whole other matter.

The nagging question is why this guy lost control. Maybe he missed his last cigarette break, and you know how a nicotine fit can nudge you over the edge. They do smoke a lot in Mother Russia.

Perhaps someone borrowed his stapler and forgot to return it, or maybe he missed an important deadline. Now he has been put on double secret probation.

But then again, maybe it is deeper than that. You know how office politics can sometimes make or break a career.

Maybe one of the other workers is sleeping with the boss. That's a tough obstacle to overcome in any office environment.

It must really be a pleasure working in Russia. I think this is their version of going postal.

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Connie said...

Imagine how terrifying that must have been to be there when that guy lost it. Seems like it would make his coworkers afraid to ever show up at the office again!

McCafferty Himself said...

Daisy, What amazes me is the difference between the video with sound and the one without. The video with sound has a much greater effect on how you perceive the whole thing.

Connie said...

Yes, the screaming and the noise of things being broken and thrown about really does seem to make you more involved with what is happening.

Anonymous said...

They're definitely speaking Russian.

McCafferty Himself said...

MightyMinnow, I thought it was Russian. Thanks for confirming it.

Natalija said...

It is Russian